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2014-2015 Schedule

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Sep 23Welcome & Kick-Off
Oct 14Cardboard Regatta
Oct 25Best Robotics (UWF)
Oct 28Mousetrap Car
Nov 11LEGO Construction
Nov 25THANKSGIVING WEEK (no meeting)
Dec 9Tour (TBD)
Dec 23CHRISTMAS WEEK (no meeting)
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Jan 13Engineering Challenge
Jan 27CEREX Tour
Feb 5 - 8Winterfest 2015
Feb 24M.E.S.S. Hall
Mar 10Soldering 1/2
Mar 24Soldering 2/2
Apr 14Fiber Optics
Apr 25 ?Emerald Coast Electrathon
Apr 28Year End Pizza Party



Engineering Explorers is going to kick-off the 2014 school year on September 23rd, 6PM in Addison Auditorium in the Gulf Power Corporate Office. Please see our 2014 flyer if you are interested in all the details!

.: welcome to engineeringexplorers.com

Our goal is to get high school age students excited about their future in engineering by introducing multiple engineering disciplines and activities.

Engineering Explorer Post 420 is open to any high school student. Membership is $25 for the school year (if paid before October, $30 after), which includes all project supplies. Post 420 is a part of the Learning for Life program.

The application form is available by clicking here.

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.: activities

In the last couple of years we: Soldered together a LED Christmas kit, went skiing in Gatlinburg at the annual winterfest trip, turned light into sound, helped host the First Annual Emerald Coast Electrathon, learned about oceanographic engineering around the bayfront restoration project, toured a large HVAC facility, met with professors at UWF to learn about their engineering programs, and met with engineering co-op students about the value of their experience and to get a taste of college.

.: encourage a young engineer

If you know of a young adult between 14 and 20 who may be interested in learning more about engineering or about a future in engineering - our program will help expose and excite them about the range of possibilities. From Civil to Electrical to Chemical to Mechanical to Computer to Environmental - almost every problem can be dealt with by some branch of the engineering sciences. Join us today!

.: 2012/13 Slideshow

Want to see what Post 420 was up to in the past?

Explorers Post 420 2012-2013 year Re-Cap from EngineeringExplorersPost420 on Vimeo.


.: Next Meeting

Soldering Projects - Gulf Power PINE FOREST Location
Tuesday February 24 @ 6 PM
Location: 9088 Pine Forest Road, Pensacola 32534.

Time to learn or refresh you electrical soldering skills! Well provide a very nice kit and all the tools you need to solder the project of your choice. Its the first of two meetings on soldering since it will take more than a meeting to complete a kit. Note this meeting will be at the Gulf Power McCrary Training Facility - 9088 Pine Forest Road, Pensacola 32534. The meeting is Tuesday, February 24, starts at 6 and ends about 7:30. SEE MAP BELOW.

Also, you might be very interested in this MESS Hall News:
1) Pizza, Particles, and Waves February 27, 2015 @ 6:00 PM. Each student will build an accurate spectrometer and use it to identify elements by their electron orbitals, recreate the famous dual-slit experiment that proved that light was both particle and wave, and learn how to make lenses and fiber optics with Knox Blox. For middle and high school students (and adults!). $20/$25 member/nonmember. Registration required.http://www.pensacolamesshall.org/events/pizza-particles-and-waves/
2) MESS Hall is having a new volunteer orientation and work day this Sunday at 2 pm, and they would love you to join them. They are looking for volunteers, particularly with good skills such as soldering. http://www.pensacolamesshall.org/get-involved/volunteer

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Want more information? Click here to see the 2014 Engineering Explorers flyer.


Emerald Coast Electrathon - www.emeraldcoastelectrathon.com

Saturday April 25th, 2015 - WE NEED YOU to come out and support the race teams or to help count laps. Mark this date in your calendar for an excellent volunteer opportunity, and a chance to meet some uber-geeks from around the southeast, and beyond.

Volunteers will receive a T-Shirt and a complimentary lunch from the Five Flags Speedway. You will also experience some very creative engineering and design. Watch this space and join the Engineering Explorers Post 420 for information on volunteer registration.

.: Description of a Future in Engineering

Building your Future in - ENGINEERING (click to read)

Here is a great magazine that shows surrounding Engineering programs and schools in the Southeast. It shares the cost of engineering schools and starting salaries in different engineering degrees.

Please share with your parents and friends.

For more information on the Engineering Explorers program please send us an email.

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